Overseas Visitors

Property Search Services for international clients

Tier 1 

  • Basic Area report based upon your selection criteria.
  • 3 x recommended properties with all available mapping information.  Rainfall, weather, elevation and statistics
  • Initial in depth property enquiries. 

Tier 2

  • In Depth report of 2 recommended areas based upon your selection criteria
  • 5 x recommended properties with all available mapping information Rainfall, weather, and elevation statistics
  • Full area history with in depth analysis, including Demographics, infrastructure, flood and Fire dangers.

Tier 3

Custom consultancy – price by negotiation plus costs.


  • Travel to property
  • Soil/water sampling
  • Full mapping and elevations, Aerial/Drone photography.
  • Video footage
  • Building and pest reports
  • Permaculture design overlay plan
  • Local sourcing of construction services
  • Addressing of Specific Customer Criteria
  • Skype/Video inspections available with all searches.
  • Reports to include information relating to- Military installations, Employment sector, Tourism, Industry, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Mining, Mineral deposits, Power generation, Natural Disasters, Prison facilities, Communications.

Additional services

Solicitors & non-disclosure agreements

Building and Pest inspections


Finance and taxation advice

Auction bidding

Security assessments

Construction and implementation of food production systems


Strategic Property Australia provides a report on factual information available at the time of undertaking.

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