Giving Back

At Strategic Property Australia we are passionate about sustainability and the future of this planet.

Strategic Property Australia has already raised funds and sponsored community gardens, and post disaster Permaculture Aid through Green Warrior Permaculture.

Green Warrior Permaculture is a social enterprise dedicated to caring for the Earth and caring for the people. This international team of front-line aid and development specialists has a combined total of 51 years experience working as social and environmental consultants with communities in 38 countries around the world.

Their expertise includes peace-building, empowerment of children, community development, health and nutrition, sustainable livelihoods, gender equity, climate change adaptation and environmental and marine conservation. The team members includes expert builders, farmers, eco-educators, film-makers, child-welfare specialists and trainers in ethical facilitation, mediation and digital media communications.

Strategic Property Australia  will continue to support local and international ecologically conscious projects by giving 5% of all profits to selected projects.